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This is my gift to you. Whether you signed up for my newsletter, or perhaps stumbled upon my cards in Ibiza, these resources are my offerings to you to invite bliss, trust, power, expansion and clarity into your life.
These five pillars form the foundation of my work, guiding you to embrace the full spectrum of the human experience. From healing frequencies to guided meditations and embodiment practices, I hope these resources will mark the beginning of a beautiful journey inward. Enjoy!

This is a miracle.


How beautiful is it to surrender, to feel that you can truly relax, trust, and let go?

These qualities are our natural state; it's our right to live in bliss without worry, overthinking, or constant rushing. We are truly amazing beings, alive and filled with love. We are here and this is a blessing.

Discover the art of extending these moments of bliss.

This is divine.


Every experience carries invaluable lessons and opportunities for your personal growth.

Trust means entering a deep understanding that, in the grand scheme of things, everything is unfolding exactly as it should.

Cultivating trust encourages a sense of surrender and acceptance, creating the possibility to perceive everything in life as divine.

Could you imagine yourself in this state?

This is the moment.


Taking your power back is more than a decision; it's an extraordinary act of self-love and courage. Just imagine the endless possibilities that unfold when you liberate yourself from doubt.

What dreams could you bring to life?

Now, in this very moment, you have the possibility to commit to your potential. What is stopping you from accessing your own power?

The answer is just you. Your own limitations. Come on! You are an unstoppable force.

This is an opportunity.


Here's another chance for your growth and expansion, available to you right now, in this very moment.

How beautiful is it to be able to perceive your reality in a way that you are continuously winning and growing. Since you’ve come to this life naked, have you really lost something? Or is it a winning experience?

Are you open to expanding further, to receiving more of the abundance life has to offer?

This is the sign.


This is the sign you've been looking for—clear and unmistakably meant just for you. The universe constantly communicates with you through infinite ways.

Can you become more aware and attuned to these signals? Your intuition, your ability to recognize opportunities and follow the signs, is key to your evolution and wellbeing.

Learn how to heighten your receptivity and become more aware.

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A new way to relate with everything through

The art of allowing.

Creating harmony within your emotions, thoughts, relationships, and life.

Hi, I'm Jasileo.

Welcome to my space where I will guide you in creating harmony with your emotions, relationships, thoughts, and overall life.

Imagine having a personal trainer for your emotional well-being, similarly to how you would train your physical body. By engaging in exercises and practices, you will train your emotional states, transforming those that cause resistance or discomfort into feelings of love, clarity, compassion, and acceptance. You’ll strengthen your emotional resilience, leading to increased confidence and a deeper connection with yourself and others.

This approach that I guide you through is called ‘The art of allowing’. My intention is to share the knowledge gained from my own studies and practices, particularly focusing on emotional growth, as I believe that emotional balance is the foundation for feeling relaxed, trusting, loving, and happy.

The Jasileo Experience is about empowering you to navigate your emotional landscape, fostering growth, and expanding your being.

Join me, and let’s co-create a life that resonates with your deepest desires and aspirations.

Ways to journey together.

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